Restaurants today have become lifestyle brands in their communities and, in some cases, have gained national audiences like Hill Country Barbecue in NYC.  The merchandising business is something that is completely foreign from their day to day operations.  By working with Flavour Brand Co., the team at Hill Country Barbecue launched a retail program that represented more than “logo wearables” and set themselves up for growth into new revenue streams.  The low production minimums, warehousing facility and personalized customer care helps give their retail merch program enough runway to gain traction and build towards the future.

With a combined audience across social media platforms of over 865,000 (and growing), Mallory Ervin approached Flavour Brand Co. to develop a custom retail program that would match up with the quality expectations of her audience.  As a lifestyle influencer, wife and mom she was reluctant to launch an internal operation of her own because of the demands and investment it requires.  By working with us we were able to develop a scalable retail model for her business with her direction and creative stamp on all products.  We developed a pre-order model and created a limited edition program for her products to generate a sense of urgency. 

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